Sunday, November 30, 2008


Hi everyone one, Its Sunday night. back to work in the morning...
Well we are back to life...I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving this year
it was awesome to see Timmy and Erin here, we had a real good time this year...
We had three Thanksgivings this year... we didn't get very many good pics...
but on Saturday I took these pics of Owen...I thought they were cute.
the one pic with life in the background just reminded me of just how life can go so fast
and with Thnksgiving coming to a close, I just thought how we should treasure each moment.
Well thats it for now! With love, John, Heather, and Owen.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fall in the backyard

Owen looking at the back yard

Playing in the backyard one last time before snow!

Owen playing with the soccer goal

Trick or Treat

Kate and jess

Owen made a new friend, or Owen just wanted his baseball.

We went Trick or Treating over at Kate and Dave's house.

Wrong way guys!

Holloween at Nana and Papa's

lets Go!
Egan playin' ball.

Owen was a knight, He's going to slay a dragon. Thats my boy!

Hay ride


Owen took his pumkin for a spin!
Pumkins in front of our house.
That door is no longer on the house, my father and I just put a new one on.

John's Pumkin!

Owen and his Pumkin!

Heather helping Owen with his pumkin.

I guess he likes the taste of raw pumkin.


Taking out the seeds to bake!



Wearing mom's shoes around the house, I (John) did not approve of this! lol

Jessi's Open House

We had Jessi's (Heather's sister) open house at our house over the summer.

Josh, Aunt Tammy, and Grandpa Taylor.

People hanging out

Getting the food... UMMMM

Hanging Out

Heather and John
Owen doing his thing

Mouth full

Softball Season

I (John) played Softball on our church league

Heathers brother Charles also played.

Got the game face on!


Time at the Zoo

We went to the Zoo with Tim, Cody, Egan, and Nana.

The Boys tamed this lion in like a matter of seconds! Unbelievable I know!

In memory of Uncle Kevin, He will always be loved.

Looking at the fountain.

The crew, Nana took the pic.
Heather, John, Owen, Cody, Egan, and Tim.

The family

Owen at the ZOO!!!
1st timer!