Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Owen Burned His Hand

Owen was helping cook launch on Monday and put his hand on the burner. It burned his hand pretty good. He cried for awhile, but he got over. I left work and met Heather at the doctors. We need to keep it wrapped for about 5 days with some cream. The blister is quite large, it doesn't seem to bother him to much. Hopefully it heals quickly. Owen goes in to see the doc again tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Some Pics of Ethan

I took some pics of Ethan today

Ethan Rome Mattila

Ethan Rome Mattila
Born July 6th 2009
7 pounds 4 ounces
about 20in long

Ethan is very healthy and one great little guy, Owen calls him a 'funny guy'

Holding Nanas hand

Heather said labor wasnt nearly as bad as with Owen. But both were healthy, so all good

Owen and his new baby brother

Daddy and Ethan

Are family is a little bigger now

Nana and Ethan

Jessica and Ethan

One happy Uncle Tim

Amanda and Ethan

4th of July

We went down to Mom and Dads for the 4th.

Mom and Dad ran around the house, annual tradition. I (John) also did no pic.

Dad doing some fireworks

We had a fire, we cooked some dogs on an open fire.

Owen and Papa were playing hockey with golf clubs


Owen didnt really like the fireworks too much

Papa and Owen looking at the pond

Mom doing up a marshmallow

Owen eating a marshmallow

Cranival Time

Heather and Amanda took Berlin and Owen to a Carnival down in Clawson.


Berlin and Owen riding the train

Berlin on the blow up slide

Owen and Berlin loved riding in the farris wheel

Owen and Berlin played a round of golf



@ the Detroit Zoo

The family went to the Detroit Zoo the 29th of June. The day turned out to be a great fun filled day. The weather was really good too! Here are some pics from the day.

Owen and the Lion

All the kids

I thought this was a good pic of Egan

We went thru the area with dinosaurs

Heather, john, and Owen


Egan and Owen

Kate and Amanda were taking pics of these flowers, So I did too. I was kinda making fun, but I thought this pic turned out alright.

Some of the group

The kids and Papa

Owen looking at the animals


Owen Runnin

Looking at the Otters