Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Owens 3rd Birthday

We had Owens 3rd Birthday Party at mom and dads house.
We went sledding on a little hill in the back.
The kids seemed to have a good time.
Heather did a soccer theme.

Owen was trying to help Papa down the hill.

Josh and Joey Tim took the kids down in the big sled.

Randoms of the Boys

Rather creepy picture of Owen...

We got Owen a kitchen set for Christmas, ya about 200pc set I had to put together, not fun.

Christmas 2009

Our Christmas Tree
Christmas at Heathers Parents

Christmas at our house

Christmas at my Parents house

The Boys Dec.

Here are some randoms from winter

Owen and I Built a gingerbread house, I did the front yard and he did the roof. Team effort!

Here we are setting up the Christmas Tree...

I let Owen put the star on top...

Ethan sitting in his Bomboo playing, about 5-6 months

Bad day I guess...

Owen thought he would put mommys boots on.

Just the boys.